Some news...

Wow... Looking at the date of my last post, I'm surprised to see it is more than one year ago... Some much things happened to me since march 2011. But only one could explain the severe lack of updates over here: I've changed my job.

To be honest, this was not a planned move. The company I worked for, for the last 3 years went to bankruptcy. And as a last move to try to save what could be saved, they laid a few employees in the beginning of the last year. Unfortunately, I was one of them. But I don't tell all this to be pitied. I had the chance to be hired almost immediately by a great company, Fishing Cactus, not to mention them 🙂

This is what explains the lack of news. In my previous company, I was programming in C# almost exclusively, which made things easy, when the main subject of the blog you write on is related to .NET

Now, I program using C++ exclusively (no, not even 'almost'), which doesn't help me to find interesting topics to write about here.

But I decided that would be a pity not to speak about other interesting stuff I have the chance to do here, and which are not .NET / C# related. Among other things, I'd like to write some blog posts about CHEF and how it helps to manage a cloud infrastructure, about Socorro, the Mozilla Crash Stats project, about Vagrant which "brings the cloud at home" (this quote is somewhat trademarked, I might speak about that in the future).

I may speak also of .NET again, because I finally found the courage (and the time) to continue to work on a personal project, written in .NET. And going further in this project might make me write about Microsoft Media Foundation, or DirectShow, or both

That's it for tonight. I hope I will really be able to write a few posts here. I've got interesting stuff (I hope!) to speak about!

See you soon!