Migration to WordPress

This was a long time I wanted to get rid of my old blog, which was running using DotClear, to replace it with a WordPress instance. There are not a lot of reasons for that. The main one being the number of themes and plugins which is far more substantial on the latter platform.

I had a few problems while installing the whole system (Debian Squeeze / Nginx / PHP-FPM / APC, and the W3 Total Cache plugin), and importing my old one, so I think it will be worth a new blog post to explain how I was able to resolve them.

Anyway, I'm still in the very beginning of the customization of my new personal space. This is still the default theme which came when I installed WP, I have a few installed plugins, and I did not convert all the posts yet. Because no, the DotClear import plugin does not work very well, and I had to put my hands in the engine. For now, are missing some code highlighting is the oldest posts

Also, the RSS URL has changed. I still don't know if it is possible to make it be the same as the old one, so please update your RSS aggregator 🙂

About a comparison between DC and WP, it is of course too soon to be objective. But it seems there are more possibilities using WP (plugins count helps a lot) than with DC. At least, I can regret the Media Manager of DC, which was more complete than WP's, as I can't create directories, to sort the medias. I'll have a finer thought about the differences in the time, after a few weeks of use.

You can of course assume some updates on this blog, as I still need to find a nice theme, and to try a few plugins also, to see what's best for me.

Happy coding!