And now, it shakes!

After I implemented a decent camera last time, I decided to implement a mandatory feature each serious game must have : camera shake! As you will notice, it is damn easy to add this feature in UE4, and it adds a lot to the game.

For now, I only added the camera shake when players grab the rim after they do a big dunk. This makes this post the perfect place to showcase a few different dunks I've created over the last few weeks.

Lets go straight to the point: a video of a dunk, and what the camera shake looks like:

The helicopter

Playing a camera shake in C++ is easy:

  1. In the editor, create a new blueprint from the UCameraShake class
  2. Customize the values as needed
  3. Call the static function APlayerCameraManager::PlayWorldCameraShake

That's it. Pretty simple no?

For your information, here are the values I currently use:


To end this short post, here are 3 other dunks I have integrated in the game. I first created different kinds of dunks to setup some various properties like :

  • animation initiation: layup? two foot impulse?
  • socket to attach the ball to : left / right hand? specific ball socket?
  • position of the player at the end of the dunk: facing the rim? reverse?
  • which hands are used to hang to the hoop : two-hands? one hand? invert hands (for reverse dunks)?

Sit on the ball

There is a problem with this dunk I still need to solve. When the player throws the ball between his legs before he hangs to the rim, he doesn't catch the ball above his head like he should. I suspect a blend issue with the next played montage.


This dunk is one example where the ball is attached to one hand, while the hanging animation uses both hands.

Front sommersault

I have lots of different ideas for new dunks to implement, I'll show you whenever I'll create new animations for them, and integrate them in the game.